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Customer Questions

Delivery & Shipment

(a) Cash NA Flash warrants that it will ship orders within three weeks after orders are placed. Normally, goods are shipped within a few days and typical delivery times are 4-5 business days, but in certain circumstances shipment and delivery can take up to three weeks. Customers and

Cash NA Flash may separately agree to more specific delivery times and terms in a separate writing or agreement (such as a request for express shipping).

(b) Cash NA Flash will make delivery using a shipment service provider of its choosing. The customer must pay standard shipping costs which may depend on order value and shipping destinations. Current information is available at Cash NA Flash website.



(a) All prices found on Cash NA Flash site are final, and may change from time to time. Shipping and handling are billed and shown separately at checkout (or on invoices, if applicable). The shipping address and order amount may affect certain costs, and sales taxes may apply to some orders.
(b) For customers ordering from outside the United States, all product prices are net of local taxes and fees. If according to applicable law, the goods are subject to sales taxes, import duties, import brokerage fees, or other taxes or fees in the recipient’s country, then the customer has the sole responsibility to pay these taxes and fees.

(c) Customers must pay the purchase price, applicable sales taxes, and shipping and handling charges immediately upon placing an order, without deduction.


(a) Customers may choose to pay by direct debit, credit card, advance payment, or other payment methods. Cash NA Flash reserves the right to limit the method of payment chosen by the customer depending on order value, shipment destination, or other objective criteria.

(b) If the customer selects a payment method or provides payment information that makes it impossible or impractical for Cash NA Flash to receive payment (for example, the customer’s account lacks sufficient funds, or the customer provided incorrect payment information) through no fault of Cash NA Flash’s own, the customer agrees that Cash NA Flash may add an additional charge to the order to recoup costs associated with processing or attempting to process the impossible or impractical transaction.

(c) Cash NA Flash may sub-contract third parties to process payment.

(d) If the customer fails to pay, Cash NA Flash may assign its claims to a debt collection agency and transfer the personal data required for collecting payment to these third parties.

Product Sales

(a) By placing an order using Cash NA Flash’s site and service, a customer makes a binding offer for a contract of sale or, as the case may be, a contract for work and materials with Cash NA Flash only (no contract exists between the customer and any applicable shop owner). Cash NA Flash sends an order confirmation via e-mail to the customer. The order confirmation is not an acceptance of the offer but only acknowledges that the order was received. The offer is only accepted when Cash NA Flash ships the ordered product to the customer and confirms the shipment to the customer in a second e-mail. Cash NA Flash cannot guarantee the continued availability of any products or designs found on its site.

(b) Information, drawings, figures, technical data, specifications of weight, measurements and services contained in brochures, catalogs, newsletters, ads, or price lists are purely informational. Cash NA Flash cannot guarantee the correctness of this information, and if there is any inconsistency between the information described above and the information in an order confirmation email, the order confirmation email controls.

(c) Cash NA Flash reserves the right to reject orders for any reason or no reason. If Cash NA Flash rejects an order, it will notify the customer.

(d) Cash NA Flash’s performance of an order is completed when the shipment provider completes delivery to the customer’s address, according to the records of the shipment provider. If there is an interruption of delivery, and Cash NA Flash cannot replace the order in a reasonable amount of time, Cash NA Flash will notify the customer immediately.

Title to Products

Until Cash NA Flash receives full payment for an order and the order is shipped, title to the goods remains with Cash NA Flash. Upon transfer of the goods to the carrier, title, and risk of loss pass to the customer. The customer should handle products with care until the transfer of ownership is complete (for example, in the case of a product return).

Do you offer Layaway?

30-day Layaway, 20% down for most items. Up to 90-day layaway on some items. 20% restocking fee.

Can I return special orders?

Sorry, All special orders are “FINAL” there will be no returns on special orders.

Does your products carry a warranty?

Yes, Cash NA Flash has a 30-day warranty on most items and a 90-day warranty on NEW car audio.

What form of payment do you accept?

You can use the following payment methods: Cash, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.